Your favourite kopitiam

 is now online!

Your favorite kopitiam is now online!

Your favorite

kopitiam is now


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Why Rapic?

Authentic Tasty Hawker & Street Food


Access to authentic kopitiam, mamak, and Malaysian style food anytime anywhere, even in your cold office!

Skip the queue and save the time. Rapic and chill


Why wait for the queue, busy traffic, long jams, why not have your favourite nasi lemak, curry mee, pan mee, nasi goreng in your favourite place.

Rapic delivery with affordable delivery fees


*RM 3 delivery fee (please refer to FAQ below), and your Malaysian favourite hawker style food, what are the reason not to order?


What is Rapic?

RAPIC is a food delivery app, we provide wide variety of local food to your doorstep..

Where you deliver?

Pudu, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Subang.

How much is the delivery cost?

RM3 per order (within 5km) while for every subsequent distance of 1km is RM1/km, maximum delivery 20km

How can I pay for Rapic?

You can make payment via Alipay, debit card, credit card or boost pay